Marina Young

Founder of Buttons Project
Thankyou Marija for sharing. We can often think of the what if's? if only I knew back then what I do now or the choices the woman had to choose from that brought her to having an abortion.. Sometimes in life you wish you had your ‘older self’’ able to speak into your thought process –to give you that perspective that’s missing at the time of decision making … because there is no turning the clock back on events . But there is hope and through our own stories and healings, we can make a positive difference to someone else life and baby.
When a story or secret is shared, it is not forgotten. It becomes something else, a memory of who we were, and allows us to start moving forward in hope, love and forgiveness. 
Thank you Teresa for sharing your heartfelt journey of healing and may it bring much hope to others who hear it.  It is precious when you can share your story in a safe place and be heard, which opens the door for healing.
Thank you for your courage and honesty in having this discussion, which brings hope to many others starting their journey of healing. There is hope, forgiveness and love.
Thank you for sharing your inspiring story Yifen Tan and your heart to help others on their journey of healing.