I so much feel your pain and loss, Yifen, that you describe that you had after the abortion. I, too, later thought that I had many choices yet did not see any at the time. In fact, back then I did not understand that an abortion is not a choice. That it is a choice is a lie that I am not sure who exactly wants us to believe. That we have a ‘choice’. The polarisation around the abortion issue, pro-life and pro-choice, is so confusing and dangerous. It looks like pro-life protects only the life of the baby, while pro-choice is there to protect the life of the mother who allegedly has the right to decide about her own body. What a lie. A baby is a separate life within the woman’s body, not a part of a woman like a kidney or another body organ. A baby in a woman’s body is a life with its own blood group, it is a life in its own right. Abortion is never a choice as it does not resolve anything but rather only brings pain and grief. It is not about which life matters more, that of the mother or that of the child. The truth is that both lives matter. A baby conceived must be born. If a woman really feels she cannot take care of the baby, an adoption is a wonderful option. There are many loving parents out there who would like to accept the child of a woman who is not able to take care of it. 

I think that so many women have been deceived by the societies offering a ‘legal’ abortion. As if the fact that it is legal makes it good. Jordan Peterson said that you would not recommend an abortion to somebody you love, would you? Why do women continue to be deceived that abortion is a viable choice, when it is not. It only brings pain and suffering. It destroys lives. Not only the baby’s life. Many women are victims of this deception. To make the killing of a baby in your own body legal only hides the murderous act that it is and that the woman has to live with for the rest of her life. 

I wish I had known better at the time. I wish I had the information what abortion really is. It simply is not an option. I wish somebody had talked to me about what the abortion does to a woman’s body and life. I hope that there will be a day when abortion is no longer viewed as an option or choice and women and men will understand this.